Woman Hounded Over Dead Partner’s Parking Fine

I saw this article in the Metro:

A GRIEVING woman says she is still being pursued for a parking fine six months after her partner collapsed and died in a car park.

Lee Hickin, 51, passed away in the arms of Sarah Fox after suffering a heart attack and collapsing in Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire.

As a result, his car was left in the car park for around five days in February before it could be driven away.

A week after his sudden death, Ms Fox received a penalty notice in Lee’s name at her home in Woore, Staffordshire. She called the council immediately to explain what had happened, hoping the fine would be dropped. But the demands are still coming and the fee has escalated.

‘I’ve emailed, sent the letters back and phoned the council but I’m still receiving them,’ said Ms Fox, 37. ‘When I rang I expected them to quash the fine there and then. But I’ve been getting them every week since. It was initially £35 and it went up to £75 and now they’re threatening to take me to court. It’s shocking.’

This is a reminder, if you are in that position, to make sure you send the death certificate to the council. Do not order just one death certificate when you register the death. It is never enough. Order at least 5, so that you can send them to all those that need to be notified simultaneously. Otherwise, you will have to suffer the distressing situation of having letters and payment demands arriving on your doorstep at a time when you are grieving and feeling vulnerable. Let us know if you need help notifying the appropriate authorities or with probate.

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